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Important: Need Support?
Check These Frequently Asked Questions First...

Here are the First Things to Try Before Contacting Support:

  1. First and foremost, back up your site before you do anything... Make sure you are on the latest version of IMSC Profit Builder as we regularly add features and fix issues. You can download the latest version from the members dashboard.

  2. Deactivate all other plugins except IMSC Profit Builder. If the problem is resolved, then reactivate the other plugins one-by-one to see which plugin is causing the conflict.

  3. Please make sure there are no spaces in the API keys if you are having problems connecting to an account.

What Are the Requirements for This WordPress Plugin?

This is designed to run on self-hosted WordPress sites only. You will need at least WordPress 3.0+, PHP 5.2+ with Curl. 99.9% of good hosts meet or exceed these requirements. We have tested this on a wide range of hosting environments from many different hosting companies in our commitment to make sure our customer's experiences are as smooth as possible. 

Can I Use Profit Builder with an Existing Theme?

Absolutely, we designed this to run on any site. You can use our enhanced theme or your own theme. If you are using your own theme, our system can dramatically enhance your site and if needed, override a pages layout with our custom marketing pages. We make it that easy... 

Can I Use This on My Clients Sites?

If you have the "DEVELOPER" license, absolutely, yes you can. If you don't, then you can only use this for PERSONAL sites. This means sites you actually own. Just as a note, we do not allow "Group Buys". Anyone who violates these license conditions may have their accounts closed and APIs deleted. 

Can I Move one Layout I Built to Another Site With Profit Builder On It?

Yes, just save your preferred layout as a template and then Export your template. You can then take the exported zip file and import into your other site. The possibilities are endless... 

Can This Run on WordPress.com or Other Sites?

This is a WordPress plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites only. Sites that use WordPress Multi-User like WordPress.com do not allow you to install your own plugins. However, if you do run your OWN WordPress site, our plugin is FULLY COMPATIBLE.

How Do I Install This Plugin?

Go to "Plugins/Add New" in the admin section of your Wordpress back end. Select "Upload". You can then select the ZIP file of the plugin you downloaded from where ever you saved it on your computer and press the "INSTALL NOW" button. When the plugin is uploaded you can then press the "ACTIVATE" link. From there you can proceed to the settings and configure your plugin as needed. Watch the training video to see how to install and set it up. Click Here for the Training Videos.

I Got a error of 'The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize...' When Installing

This means your host may be limiting uploads to certain sizes. No problem, just unzip the plugin file and upload via FTP to your wp-content/plugins folder. We cover this in the installation video if you have never used FTP. You can also do it through your hosts control panel as most of them have a file manager too. 

I Get An IONCUBE Error. What Do I Do?

All of our plugins use IonCube loaders. These are supported by most good hosts. If you receive an error like "WARNING - This Plugin Needs IonCube Loaders and Your Host Does Not Have These" then your host does not have them loaded. We DO NOT provide support for hosts that do not have IonCube loaded because every host is different. However, we have links to the most common hosts who do not support IonCube, but should be able to assist in getting it installed if you ask for it. Click Here for More Info....

Can I Download These Videos for Offline Viewing?

At this time we cannot offer downloads of the videos. This is due to piracy. Some people buy the course and then download the videos and share them on Warez sites. It is unfortunate that these people will spoil it for everyone else, but we have to do what we can to prevent this happening.

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